Hello. I am a breeder of US Teddies! This is only breed in my Caviary. We breed silver, lemon, golden agouties, particolours, roans. We are located in 3 miles from Moscow, this is 5 minutes of driving. Our cavies lives in a countryside house and have a fresh water, grass, best food and our care and love. 

Sincerely, Ruslan Massar

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My name is Ruslan Massar. I live in Moscow, Russia. I started breeding dogs and cats in 1988. 

"MASSAR" cattery was registered in CFA (USA) and FIFe - the worldwide famous and most respected associations of cat lovers in USA and Europe.

"MASSAR" cattery was the first cattery in Russia that in 1994 managed to import 2 top show quality exotics : a brown tabby exotic male - GC DANCECATS DANCING DUDE OF MASSAR and a silver tabby exotic female - CH KIKICAT LADY AMBASSADOR OF MASSAR out of famous CFA (USA) catteries DANCECATS and KIKICAT, . The contribution of these 2 fantastic exotics to the development of the exotic breed in Russia is huge and till now you will see cats born in MASSAR`S cattery in pedigrees of the most well known representatives of the breed.

We start breed Chihuahuas from 2001. You can find our breeding in many kennels in Europe and Scandinavians countries.

We have 20th anniversary of 'MASSAR" in 2008!

Sincerely, Ruslan Massar





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